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We are the proud providers of the Downtown direct to Rakino Island service.

We operate from pier 3B at the Downtown ferry terminal, which is conveniently located near the Britomart transport hub. We provide a service from Downtown to and from Rakino Island on Fridays and Sundays. Bookings are not required.

Belaire Ferries pride themselves on delivering a quality service with an emphasis on safety and customer satisfaction. Idyllic Rakino Island is only a 45 minute trip away from Auckland’s CBD and is a fantastic destination for weekend getaways or day trips.

Rakino Island Ferry Service Timetable

Wednesday Friday Sunday
Each Week 3rd Wednesday
of each month
1st Friday of
each Month
Each Week Summer Winter
Depart Stanley Baysummer only 9:30 am * n/a 9:30 am * n/a 4:00 pm n/a
Depart Downtown 10:00 am 6:40 pm 10:00 am 6:40 pm 4:30 pm 2:30 pm
Arrive Rakino Island 10:45 am 7:25 pm 10.45 am 7:25 pm 5:15 pm 3:15 pm
Depart Rakino Island 10:50 am 7:30 pm 10:50 am 7:30 pm 5:20 pm 3:20 pm
Arrive Downtown 11:35 am 8:15 pm 11:35 am 8:15 pm 6:05 pm 4:05 pm
Arrive Stanley Bay – summer only 11:45 am 8:25 pm 11:45 am 8:25 pm 6:15 pm n/a

* When the Stanley Bay service is not available, we recommend passengers use the existing Fullers service.

  • EXTRA SALINGS are provided at peak times during the year.
  • Summer timetable operates from Labour Weekend to Easter Weekend.
  • Winter timetable operates from first Sunday after Easter until the sunday before Labour Weekend.

Fare Prices

One Way Return 10 Trips# Stanley Bay Surcharge
Adults $38.00 $60.00 $265.00 $2.00 pp
Children – 5 to 16 years old

Under 14 years must be accompanied by an Adult.
Please call Belaire Ferries on 09 416 6344 to discuss travel options

$21.50 $35.50 $151.00 $2.00 pp
Family One-Way Pass – Up to 4 passengers, maximum 2 adults $86.50 n/a n/a $2.00 pp
Additional luggage and dangerous goods ** $4 – $6

** All items are carried subject to our luggage policy

Summer Timetable

Depart Stanley Bay Depart Downtown Depart Rakino Arrive Downtown Arrive Stanley Bay


April May
1st March 20159:30am10:00am10:50am11:35am11:45am
2nd March 2015
3rd March 2015
4th March 20159:30am10:00am10:50am11:35am11:45am
* see below6:40pm7:30pm8:15pm8:25pm
5th March 2015
6th March 20159:30am10:00am10:50am11:35am11:45am
* see below6:40pm7:30pm8:15pm8:25pm
7th March 2015
8th March 20159:30am10:00am10:50am11:35am11:45am
9th March 2015
10th March 2015
11th March 20159:30am10:00am10:50am11:35am11:45am
12th March 2015
13th March 2015* see below6:40pm7:30pm8:15pm8:25pm
14th March 2015
15th March 20154:00pm4:30pm5:20pm6:05pm6:15pm
16th March 2015
17th March 2015
18th March 20159:30am10:00am10:50am11:35am11:45am
* see below6:40pm7:30pm8:15pm8:25pm
19th March 2015
20th March 20159:30am10:00am10:50am11:35am11:45am
* see below6:40pm7:30pm8:15pm8:25pm
21st March 2015
22nd March 20154:00pm4:30pm5:20pm6:05pm6:15pm
23rd March 2015
24th March 2015
25th March 20159:30am10:00am10:50am11:35am11:45am
26th March 2015
27th March 2015* see below6:40pm7:30pm8:15pm8:25pm
28th March 2015
29th March 20154:00pm4:30pm5:20pm6:05pm6:15pm
30th March 2015
31st March 2015


1st April 20159:30am10:00am10:50am11:35am11:45am
2nd April 2015* see below6:40pm7:30pm8:15pm8:25pm
3rd April 20159:30am10:00am10:50am11:35am11:45am
4th April 20159:30am10:00am10:50am11:35am11:45am
5th April 20159:30am10:00am10:50am11:35am11:45am
6th April 20152:00pm2:30pm3:20pm4:05pm-
7th April 2015
8th April 201510:00am10:50am11:35am
9th April 2015
10th April 20156:40pm7:30pm8:15pm
11th April 2015
12th April 20152:30pm3:20pm4:05pm
13th April 2015
14th April 2015
15th April 201510:00am10:50am11:35am
16th April 2015
17th April 20156:40pm7:30pm8:15pm
18th April 2015
19th April 20152:30pm3:20pm4:05pm
20th April 2015
21st April 2015
22nd April 201510:00am10:50am11:35am
23rd April 2015
24th April 20156:40pm7:30pm8:15am
25th April 201510:00am10:50am11:35am
26th April 201510:00am10:50am11:35am
27th April 20152:30pm3:20pm4:05pm
28th April 2015
29th April 201510:00am10:50am11:35am
30th April 2015
March April


1st May 201510:00am10:50am11:35am
2nd May 2015
3rd May 20152:30pm3:20pm4:05pm
4th May 2015
5th May 2015
6th May 201510:00am10:50am11:35am
7th May 2015
8th May 20156:40pm7:30pm8:15pm
9th May 2015
10th May 20152:30pm3:20pm4:05pm
11th May 2015
12th May 2015
13th May 201510:00am10:50am11:35am
14th May 2015
15th May 20156:40pm7:30pm8:15pm
16th May 2015
17th May 20152:30pm3:20pm4:05pm

* We encourage passengers to use the existing 5.50pm Stanley Bay to Downtown service supplied by Fullers. See www.fullers.co.nz for details.